My name is Evan Brooks and I am excited you are taking some time to explore my work and learn a little bit about me!

I have been playing video games and exploring their immersive virtual worlds for as long as I can remember. Some my earliest memories are of playing classic games such as Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Halo together with my older brother.

It was actually Age of Empires, where I first found myself interested in the world of level design. I would spend countless hours after school building intricate battlefields and designing scenarios. This hobby endured and expanded into other games which provided more complex level editors such as Starcraft, Timesplitters, and Unreal Tournament.

With the passage of time, I began to compliment my hands-on exploration with more directed study in level design and level art. These efforts culminated in my personal involvement in several individual and community projects- experiences which allowed me to continuously learn and grow as much as I wanted.

Eventually, I found myself as passionate about making games as I was about playing them. Now, I strive to build worlds as captivating to myself and others as those I experienced years ago!